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Don’t Hang Up 2017 HD World Free Movies Download Bluray HDRip

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Don’t Hang Up 2017 Hollywood World Free Movies Horror, Thriller Movies Free Download. This Movies those who are acting on Sienna Guillory, Gregg Sulkin, Garrett Clayton.This Movies  in your Android Phone, smart phone, iphone 7, Tablets Phones, Computer Free Mp4 3gp DVDRip HDRip Bluray High quality World Free Movies  Download.

Movie Reviews

Don’t Hang Up  world free movies,So allow me to start off by saying: Do NOT waste your time on this movie. If you consider yourself to be a fan of horror/thriller movies, do yourself a favor and go watch “The Babadook” or “The Witch”. If you like movies about killers, go watch “Seven” or “Silence of The Lambs”.Jesus, if you appreciate the art of film-making , go watch anything else but this. This is the nothing more than the typical Hollywood DIY Horror Movie Starter Kit for film students. Hell, I’m not even a film student and i’ve made better short films than this feature film. I actually dare not call it a film. It is a product. I sincerely have no clue to how this movie is sitting at a 7.6 at the time of this review. Actually, scratch that. I do know how. Audiences. In this day and age, audiences are OK with not being challenged by the films they see. Most of them just go to the movies to see the newest action movie starring Jason Statham or Tom Cruise, merely to wipe their minds of their lives for one and a half hours. The same goes for horror. I consider myself to be quite the horror enthusiast, and have seen my fair share of fantastic masterpieces of cinema, as well as pure trash. So i believe myself to be qualified enough to have an opinion on this product. So, “what’s wrong with the movie”, you ask? Well, let’s start with the basics. Right from the get go, the movie’s tone is all over the place, from dark and grimm to silly and goofy in a flash. This can happen in a film, but usually it takes a director who has, you know, talent. The characters are written as outright cartoonish and annoying, boring and predictable. There is no main character for the audience to get attached to, and no likable character for that matter. This could work if they tried to make the movie about the villain (sort of like “No country for Old Men” which still makes every character interesting, relatable, or both), but dammit if he is not one of the most bland, clichéd, unappealing, and straight up uninteresting “characters” i’ve ever seen. His motives are simple, yet he doesn’t get developed or have any depth to him. Are you starting to see one of the movies main problems here? No character is likable or relatable, thus the audience doesn’t care what happens to them, nor feels any empathy when something does. The audience is removed from the universe of the movie. And that is fatal in a horror movie. You want your audience as engaged as possible, not looking at their phone or wondering about how they’re going to deal with that parking ticket they got the other day. Another problem is the acting. My god, the acting… It ranges from bad to horrible, and no actor is believable enough in his/her performance to sell their “characters”. All i saw was bad actors. The plot is paper thin. There is no tension, as it is predictable enough to guess the villain’s identity within 5 minutes of his appearance. But what hurts the movie the most is just it’s lack of originality and identity. It’s another movie that belongs in the dollar bin at your local supermarket. A movie for teens to see and go “Oh, that looks scary!”,only to realize they’ve seen this movie without ever watching it. I’m giving it a 2/10. My review? Don’t bother.


Don’t Hang Up  hd movies free I read the plot first before watch the whole movie. Then, I get interested and then I watched the whole movie. First 15 minutes was okay for me for the story, two boys prank a lot of people with terrible jokes. By the time the antagonist play the role, I intentionally started to feel like “it is a bit exaggerated”. It doesn’t make sense that the protagonist knows every corner, every single thing the two boys did. It could make a sense if this film tells us the story behind it how the antagonist set all the cameras, how he get into those two boys’ life, house, and makes an acceptable rapprochement. The good thing is the ending is not disappointed and makes sense yet I’m not that satisfied with the sense of its technology in this movie (it’s like the murderer is a god. Knows everything.

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Movie Info:

IMDb 6.1
Genre Horror, Thriller
Quality BluRay,720p
Release 10 February 2017 (USA)
Country USA
Source BluRay
Director Damien Macé, Alexis Wajsbrot
Stars Sienna Guillory, Gregg Sulkin, Garrett Clayton

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