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Getting Schooled (2017) World Free Movies Download Bluray

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Getting Schooled  (2017) Hollywood World Free Movies Download Comedy, Horror  HD Movies Free Download. This Movies those who are acting on Mayra Leal, Tom Long, Roland Ruiz.This Movies  in your Android Phone, smart phone, iphone 7, Tablets Phones, Computer Free Mp4 3gp DVDRip HDRip Bluray High quality  Download HD Movies Free.

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Getting Schooled  World Free Movies Download HDRip.A horror comedy doing a twisted version of Breakfast Club meets Combat Shock. Set in 1983, a group of students meet at school on Saturday to do a detention stint. The teacher watching them is in a wheelchair and ends up falling, cracking his head. Turns out this teacher has PTSD from serving in Vietnam and he thinks all the students are the enemy. They are all about to have a life changing experience.
This one has them capturing the eighties, right from the “gag me” to the Rubik’s cube. They almost had me convinced until one girl says “You’re not my BFF”. Ron Jeremy plays the custodian looking much older these days.
The effects were pretty good. You do have beheadings and people cut up with hand saws but done in a dark humorous way. Some scenes are funny but most seem silly. The film just seemed to have numerous elements missing kind of like a pepperoni pizza that could use more toppings. It is a Brain Damage Film after all.

OK so it’s low budget and a Slasher B Movie and you can tell from the get go.
The premise is Breakfast club meets 80s slasher flicks. It starts as a kind of parody of Breakfast club and for me they got that 80s teen drama vibe pretty well.
The outfits and dialogue were good as was the music.
The opening of the film sets the tone really for the next 80 mins. The special fx were decent using 80s methods. There is blood and gore etc.
I thought the actual killings could have been a bit more interesting however and there are certain scenes that linger a bit too long.
There is a cameo from Ron Jeremy as the caretaker which neither adds or detracts from the film.
It is what it is but for the budget I think they did a pretty good job. I’ve seen much worse low budget films and this one doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should you.
If you want to while away 80 minutes with some 80s throwback nostalgia then give it a go.

Movie Info:

Download Free Movie
Movie Getting Schooled (2017) World Free Movies Download
IMDb 4.1
Genre Comedy, Horror
Quality BluRay,720p
Release 7 February 2017 (USA)
Country USA
Source BluRay
Director Chuck Norfolk
Stars Mayra Leal, Tom Long, Roland Ruiz

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